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**Preorder for 2021!  If your browser was cached, you may not see the estimated ship date of March 2021.  This item is backordered through the manufacturer and is sold out everywhere.  Pre-order here from the Modern Nursery reserved shipment arriving in March, or possibly a little earlier with a little luck!**

Whether your little one is a sitter, squatter, stander or walker, they will love our Activity Walker. The sitting baby can sort the 6 shapes into the shape sorter, where the hidden shelf witll catch the pieces. Baby can also play with the cell phone that fits in its own holder. Or try the squares that make characters, and the 5 counting flaps. The standing baby can see themselves in the mirror, play with the bead maze, or slide the beads on the abacus and the walking toddler can push the walker and be delighted by the noise made by the rotating beads. So many activities for hours of fun! 9mos+