iQ WiFi HD Hybrid Baby Monitor

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  • Eco-friendly
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For every parent who’s at least once thought to themselves “Wow, I could really use another pair of eyes and ears right now”. The Bebcare IQ is a baby monitor that connects to your phone and lets you monitor your baby overnight or while you’re completing tasks around the house, with no additional parent units required. With its breakthrough low-radiation technology, the IQ combines the best of both worlds, as it offers steady WiFi connection without sacrificing your child’s health. The Bebcare IQ monitors the room temperature, checks your baby’s vitals and alerts you if your little one is crying, while its white noise silencer ensures you only have to get up when you’re actually needed. The 2-way communication technology allows you to talk to them from the other room, while the built-in lullabies help put them back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night. 


  • 360° pan and tilt camera that streams 1080p HD video and sound to your phone
  • Cyber security: app allows you to take videos and photos through the IQ without saving them on a cloud, and encrypts all data that is being transferred to the phone to prevent hacking
  • Supports multiple cameras, perfect if you need to keep an eye on multiple kiddos
  • For when you’re traveling and WiFi isn’t an option, a handy mini parent unit turns the Bebcare IQ into an audio monitor
  • Compatible with Google Android and Apple iOS devices
  • Battery life: 60 hours
  • Range: 2000ft

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