Ball Pit With Organic Cotton Cover + Balls

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When you shop for organic baby products you are limiting your child’s exposure to harmful toxins likepesticides.Not only are they safe for your baby, but the natural and biodegradable ingredients are also safe for the environment.

GOTS Certified

GOTS certification tests for the use of harmful chemicals and toxins, as well as verifying environmentally and socially responsible production of organic textiles.

Sustainably Made

Sustainability comes in many forms, from ethical labor practices that give back to the surrounding community, to environmental protection - like zero-waste manufacturing or planting trees for each product sold.


OEKO-TEX® certified products pass rigorous tests in 18 different labs in Europe and Japan to guarantee maximum consumer safety.

BPA Free

BPA [bisphenol A] is an industrial chemical found in plastic, epoxy resins, and even food and water containers. This chemical has been linked to adverse health effects in fetuses, newborns and children.


PFAS-free baby products do not containpoly-fluorinated alkyl substances which are a group of around 4,700 industrial chemicals that can be found everywhere around us.

Recycled Materials

Recycling is a trend, and we love it! Consumerism is a huge problem today, and there are ways to combat the issue. Recycled materials help keep our landfills clean, and also saves energy, water and money.

Fire Retardant Free

Fire retardants are chemicals that are often sprayed onto car seats and baby products to make them fire resistant. But, these poisonous chemicals are known to cause hormone disruption, neurological damage and even cancer.

Encourage the little explorer in your kid with this Modern Nursery exclusive Organic Ball Pit from Larisa & Pumpkin! A fun alternative to a traditional play yard, this soft play pit is designed so that your little one can safely practice both cognitive and motor skill development. Whether they’re digging for their favorite toy, submerging themselves in the balls or simply throwing the balls around, this designer ball pit will be a perfect addition to your child’s everyday activities!

This designer ball pit stands above others in that it has an organic cotton cover and non-toxic balls. Especially with interactive toys such as these, ensuring everything they'll bury their face in or put in their mouth doesn't contain harmful chemicals is important. Not only is this play pit non-toxic, but its designer aesthetic will fit into your decor beautifully. This play yard alternative is suitable for ages 7 months - 99 years (we tested it ourselves)!


  • Comes with a pack of 198 balls made of CE-certified, non-toxic, BPA-free & azo dye-free plastic (EN 71-1/2/3, TÜVRheinland, 2021)
  • Ball pit is made of Turkish FR-free foam (fire retardant chemical free, Birlik Sünger, 2020, No. 91 /155 / EEC) and lined with a removable and machine-washable fabric cover which is made of GOTS certified organic cotton (GOTS-CUC TR-17, 2021)
  • Ball pit dimensions: 35’’ diameter, 12’’ height
  • Ball dimensions: 2.75’’ diameter
  • Made with love by Larisa & Pumpkin - exclusively distributed in the US by Modern Nursery

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