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The Sleepod Pack includes the Askr & Embla Sleepod co-sleeper, a travel/storage bag, and the Puddle Pad. The Puddle Pad is a sustainable, washable, organic wool pad that keeps baby dry while protecting the Sleepod. It's great for use in a bassinet or as a changing pad cover, too!

The Sleepod from Askr & Embla is a multi use co-sleeper and baby lounger developed together with midwives and doulas - Made to give babies and their parents a good night's sleep over and over again. The idea is to mimic the calming atmosphere of the womb to ease the transition for mother and child during the first few months of life. It's also perfect for napping, supervised tummy time, and lounging around the house.

Use it as an in-bed co-sleeper at night to deepen the bond between you and your babe during post-partum recovery. The Sleepod also lets you stay in bed during feeding since baby is already with you. During the day, Sleepod can be used as a napping and lounging area or brought on trips as a travel cot. Its cord adjusts the size of the Sleepod so that it can grow with your baby from newborn to 5-7 months.

Askr & Embla only uses the best materials available and always make sure to only use organic fibers for their covers to protect baby's skin. All their products are free from flame retardants, PBA and harmful phthalates.


  • Sleepod
  • Sleepod Travel & Storage Bag
  • Sleepod Puddle Pad


  • For use with newborns up to 5-7 months
  • Adjustable cord for growing babies
  • Perfect for co-sleeping
  • Organic hemp cover
  • Hypoallergenic poly-fill insert
  • Organic wool mattress
  • Free of flame-retardants, PBA, and phthalates
  • Pillow insert and cover are machine washable, mattress is spot clean only
  • Dimensions: 29"L x 16.5"W x 4"H

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