Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Trendy Mom

Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Trendy Mom

ModernNursery_MothersDay_TrendyMom_BlogPost_870x350 (1) Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect day to shower that mom in your life with gifts that are trendsetting and fashionable. If that loving Mom in your life, loves to stay on trend and constantly be at her best every time she leaves the house, we think these Mother’s day gifts are perfect for her.

Charlie Diaper Bag

If She still needs to carry around a diaper bag, because she has a really little one, this gorgeous and faux leather (PVC Free) diaper bag is just what she needs. It’s perfect for that trendy mom, as this diaper bag is cross-functional and can look perfect for those playdates or shopping with friends. This diaper bag comes with an insulated bottle bag, changing pad, a perfect clutch that you can use as your purse (perfect for date nights), stroller straps and a long crossbody strap. This Bag is only $159.99 and comes in 8 different colors, and is perfect to keep any mom on trend. Charlie DiaperBag in Cinnamon

Yoga Gym Membership

If that mom in your life is trendy and active, she is more than likely practicing yoga and/or pilates. Part of her routine, is to probably attend a yoga class a few times a week and just destress and have some time to herself. So why not say, “I Love you” with feeding her zen time. You can get her a gift cards, so she can use it at her leisure. Or, if you want to bond with her and hit the gym together, look for a cross functional gym, like Grotto Climbing and Yoga, Planet Granite or even Central Rock Gym.

Glass Cloche Jewelry Storage

These jars were created to display a jewelry in a unique and beautiful way. These jars can be monogrammed and made special for that trendy mom in your life. We know that if she is trendy, she will have a lot of jewelry to display and she will absolutely love this gift. You can get these glass cloches for her bracelets, rings and necklace, starting at $39.00 each. Glass Cloche Jewelry Storage

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Tech Accessories

She is probably tech savvy and well connected. So make sure she is styling, even with her tech accessories. Tory Burch and Michael Kors have the best tech accessories, from phone cases, to smartphone crossbody bags to iPad cases. When gifting any of these tech accessories, we will guarantee that you will still be keeping her on trend and giving her a gift she will be beyond happy with.

Tory Burch Phone Case

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Michael Kors Phone Case

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Modern Nursery Gift Card

Let’s face it, from the moment she became a mother, her entire focus and care has been on her kid, no matter how old they are getting -- She no longer cares to get things for herself, instead her joy and excitement comes from finding great things for her child. So this Mother’s Day show her how much you know her, by getting her a gift card, which start at $10.00. She can use the gift card to buy things for her trendy nursery, designer baby goods, or for things to make her life as a mom a little more functional. For many Mom’s it’s not the gift that matters, but yet the thought that stands behind the gift. So shower her with something special this Mother’s Day and show her how much you appreciate all of her hard-work and dedication in raising some pretty incredible kids. And let her know you value her trendsetting styles this Mother’s day.