Outdoor Summer Games to Play with the Whole Family

Outdoor Summer Games for the Whole Family

As a kid everything is just better when it’s giant size, so we’re coming together to give you a couple of larger than life outdoor summer games to play with the whole family.


Starting with the oh so popular Giant Jenga! This game is already awesome in regular size, but make the pieces life-sized and suddenly the pressure is on! If you’re worried about tiny toes when the whole thing comes crashing down then try wrapping foam pieces in contact paper and save the real deal for the adults. No matter what version you play this is one the whole family is sure to love for summers to come.

GIANT Pictionary

Let’s face it, all kids dream of drawing on walls. It’s unfortunately a habit we are forced to break early on as parents. We have a bit of a compromise, how about installing a giant chalkboard wall onto your fence? It makes for a great space for the kiddos to release a little creative tension and doubles as a great place to play pictionary, turning it into the ultimate outdoor summer game for family and friends. Here’s how to make it:
  • Start by painting a large piece of plywood with chalkboard paint
  • Mount it to your fence
  • Hang a few hooks to hold the chalk pail
Now you’re ready for an afternoon of artistic creativity.

GIANT Dominoes

We obviously can’t forget about dominoes, this age old game was first mentioned back in 12th century China, but enough of the history lesson. Let’s learn how to make these giant sized! Even if you’re not playing by the original rules, kids tend to love the old set em’ up to knock em’ down method making this the perfect outdoor summer game.

The Big Race

Sticking with our theme of larger than life, we suggest hosting a big race for the kiddos. Line them up in a pedal toy of their choice, we’re partial to the Airflow Collectibles Silver Pursuit Pedal Plane. But how could you not love the 3-in-1 Wishbone Bike too? Talk about bringing out their competitive spirit, just line em’ up and let em’ go! This outdoor summer game is perfect for family reunions, barbecues or just because.

Wood Burned Tic Tac Toe

We’re kicking this game up a notch and making a more permanent edition that you can play outdoors with the family all summer long. The wood pieces are perfect for smaller hands, not to mention when the pieces aren’t being used for tic tac toe they double as rustic coasters. It’s simple to make, all you need is the following:
  • wood pieces
  • a wood burner
  • sheet of paper
  • pencil
Draw out your grid on the paper, we suggest laminating it if you can. Then trace X’s and O’s onto the wood pieces with the wood burner and you’re ready to play!

Chill Out

Don’t forget to take a load off during all of your outdoor summer games and cool off in the Dexton 6ft Hideaway Five Panel Teepee. This teepee is the perfect outdoor accessory for the kids and we’ll do you one even better, it comes as a blank canvas. Kids can have total creative control when it comes to what their teepee looks like, but if you’re looking for more of an authentic feel the teepee also comes with Native American patterns to design it true to history. Still looking for more fun outdoor ideas for the whole family? Pokkadots has a great post with directions on how to make giant bubbles, check it out! Don’t forget to stay tuned to Modern Nursery for more great ideas for the modern family.