Make it Minimal with Olli + Lime

Make it Minimal with Olli + Lime

Oli + Lime
Make it Minimal with Olli + Lime
Welcome to a world of crisp, clean designs that will make your modern home completely and truly yours. Olli + Lime showcases the purest trendsetting designs that are chic and functional while maintaining the highest quality. Without compromising style, they've created a look that keeps the bedding simple to eliminate the ever impending clutter worries that come along with designing a nursery. You will be able to easily translate the look of a minimalist aesthetic with wonderfully dynamic patterns that will help you stay true to yourself while making a fun an endearing nursery for your little one. With a predominant colorway of black and white, there is room to incorporate rich textures and quick pops of color to create a unique and exquisite designed nursery. Designed in Colorado and handcrafted in Iowa, all Olli + Lime nursery decor and baby bedding is proudly made in the USA. Their products are free from toxic substances and are made from 100% cotton percale and twill, ensuring nothing artificial is touching your newest family member. From crib sheets to crib skirts, we are sure you will find the perfect pattern for your minimalist nursery. Olli + Lime

Complete your minimalist nursery with some of our favorite looks to complement Olli + Lime's aesthetic and truly make your nursery one-of-a-kind.


Modern Baby Cribs Oeuf Sparrow Crib in White: A stylish and versatile crib will coordinate with any minimalist nursery decor. Slim side rails and spindles give this crib a light, airy feel and make it a favorite of interior designers. Its high quality and sturdy construction mean it will last for generations. Babyletto Lolly 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail: The beautiful, minimalist Lolly crib earns its keep by transforming from a full-size crib into a toddler bed with the included conversion kit when your little one needs some nighttime independence. Later, use it as a daybed or couch by removing the front panel entirely. Nursery Works Vetro Acrylic Crib: An exclusively handcrafted and laser-etched clear, all-acrylic crib with a unique limited edition number. This design is modern and 100% recyclable, making it a perfect choice for parents who value aesthetic and eco-friendly choices. Even the packaging is made from recycled materials! The perfect crib to complement any color scheme and add some modern glamour to your nursery. You'll love this unique crib, as much a piece of art as it is a piece of furniture.

Nursery Décor

Lorena CanalsLorena Canals gorgeous textures and patterns are the quintessential pieces to pair with Olli + Lime's minimalist aesthetic. They bring a touch of warmth to the room without overpowering or cluttering the design - making it the go-to brand of nursery décor items. All their products undergo an extensive handmade process based on the selection of high-quality raw materials, the use of natural dyes, the control of non-child labor in the production process, and the compliance of quality and safety regulations for children. Whether you prefer a monochrome design or a splash of color, there's something for everyone with Lorena Canals. Click Here to view additional rugs.

Wallpaper Murals

Anewall Murals The wallpaper trend is still going strong, and with our newest addition of Anewall Murals, you can add original wall art decor to create an all-encompassing design to your nursery. We chose our top 2 Anewall designs that we thought best complemented Olli + Lime's minimalist aesthetic. Anewall Luna Mural: We absolutely love the subtleness of the moons and stars in the Luna Mural. What better way to transform the room and create such a peaceful and elegant space for your baby. Anewall Roke Ombre Mural: The hand-painted, blush-toned strokes to the Roke Ombre Mural add a chicness that we haven't seen in other ombre designs. This would pair well with the grey color schemes of Olli + Lime by adding a peaceful feeling to the room while maintaining a minimalist style.


Lighting Lighting is a key component in the design of the perfect modern nursery, so don't underestimate the power of good lighting in a minimalistic design. The perfect balance of light can add great depth and dimension that will completely transform the room. Though functional, today’s modern nursery lighting options are sleek, whimsical and sophisticated. They add to your design aesthetic rather than take away and they, of course, provide the perfect light to brighten your baby’s nursery.


Rockers/Gliders Even in a minimalist nursery you still need a rocker or glider to sit down and feed, rock, and snuggle your baby. Our selection of gliders and rockers are hand-picked by our team from established brands like Monte Design, Nursery Works, and Babyletto to give you the best choices available today. Nursery Works Compass Rocker: One of our most popular designs, the Compass Rocker is the ultimate in seating for a minimalist nursery. The harmonious balance of rounded volumes rests atop tubular brass runners makes it a perfect place to rest while the smooth rocking lulls baby back to sleep. Babyletto Kiwi Electric Recliner: Recharge your body, mind, and electronics in ultimate comfort and modern style with this wingback-style recliner. With a built-in USB port, there will be no extra cords, plugs, or docking stations cluttering the room - a minimalist lover's dream! Monte Design Joya Rocker: The iconic design of the Joya Rocker is a sleek, yet comfortable piece for your nursery. With its gentle rock and tall supportive back, its therapeutic value is irreplaceable. This modern rocking chair is designed to be a timeless addition to any room in your home. Click here to view the entire collection Check out Modern Nursery’s blog for more great ideas