Baby Proofing Your House

Baby Proofing Your House

At Modern Nursery we know that parents worry endlessly about the safety of their children -- But, before you go about dismantling your perfectly decorated nursery know that there are easy and non-invasive ways to baby-proof your home even before your child even becomes mobile. As long as you baby proof your house, you won't need to worry and can keep your house looking the same. We’ve put together a list of ways to keep your baby safe and tips for baby proofing your home.

Protect Your Outlets

This is first and foremost. Because outlets will be a danger to your child from the moment they are crawling until they are old enough to know the dangers. Most parents will add plastic plug caps to their wall outlets. We, don’t necessarily recommend this -- children can take these plastic pieces out, chew on them and then it becomes an additional choking hazard. Or they can just remove the plastic piece and still stick things in the outlet, potentially shocking themselves. So, we recommend actual outlet covers 

Install Baby Gates

Gates are a parent’s dream when it comes to needing to turn away for a few minutes to grab a new toy or another book. They’re also perfect to keep an airy house while protecting your child from wandering outside without you. These are considered an essential baby proofing tool and have been updated over the years to be most effective. This means no more of the accordion shaped gates that can actually be quite dangerous. The straight slat design is your best option for keeping your baby safe.

Bathtub Safety

Bathtime with your baby will be one of the greatest experiences you will have as a parent. Bathtub safety is one of the most important tips for proofing your house. Never leave your baby unattended in the tub due to the fact a baby can drown in as little as an inch of water. Be sure to set your water heater to 120 degrees or less to prevent scalding and position your baby away from the faucet, always. Put a non-skid strip on the bottom of the tub to prevent slipping and cover the drain with a soft baby proofing cover. 

Prevent Poisoning

Our final tip to keep your baby safe is to prevent poisoning. Always keep the number for the national poison control center - (800) 222-1222 - near all of your phones. Never leave poisonous products in your child’s reach and make sure to put safety locks on all cabinets that cleaning products and medications etc. are kept in. Don’t bother keeping outdated medications, instead dispose of them immediately. Call the U.S. Food and Drug Administration hotline at (800) 463-6332 to figure out the best way to safely dispose of the outdated medicine. Baby proofing your house is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. We hope these tips on how to keep your baby safe help, and remember that as your baby grows, the needs of baby proofing your house will change.