Car Seat Comparison Charts

The Ultimate Car Seat Guide

We've created the ultimate car seat guide because we know first-hand the challenge of trying to find the best and safest car seat to carry your most precious cargo. There are many things to consider when purchasing your car seat, from the LATCH system to forward facing to height and weight maximums. Where do you even begin? That's why we broke down a comparison of the top-selling infant and convertible car seats to give you the confidence and security to carry your child from infancy into childhood. Focus on your child's safety and comfort without compromising style with ground-breaking, ergonomic designs from our top selling infant car seats. From 5-point safety harnesses to FAA Certifications we are sure that you can find the perfect ride for the newborn in your life. A convertible car seat is a must as your child outgrows their infant car seat and will likely be the one your child sits in for the longest period of time. Our comparison chart will help you find the best fit for your little one so you can rest easy and have the peace of mind you deserve.