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Jane was born in 1932 in Barcelona, Spain, and possesses over 75 years of experience in the stroller and infant industry. Manuel Jane Vidal first started creating strollers after he proudly created one for his son, and his friends eagerly pushed him to create more of the same design. The rest is history, he continued to launch innovative designs in the stroller industry for years to come.

            To Jane, safety and the baby’s health are of the utmost importance when designing new products, and his creations always aim to exceed the industries regulations. JANÉ’s strength as a brand is built on two proud values. First, the brand’s dedication to uniqueness and solidarity, and its continuous investment in research and community service to strengthen ties within local communities. The second is the fact that JANÉ’s product range is proudly created on ongoing research and product development. Our product philosophy has remained consistent; to offer the most excellent, distinguished and individual products while ensuring that they have been carefully developed in order to give the best performance possible. 

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