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Iglooplay creates furniture for all ages. With its cool modern design, Iglooplay strives to create pieces with unique ingenious designs that will add the flair you’re looking for into your home. The designs are meant to playfully engage both children and parents alike, spark creativity, and create a fun, safe environment to live in. The distinctive furniture is built to withstand climbing upon, clambering on, and general ruckus that goes on within a home with kids. Their play tables add a whimsical element to any living room, and their loungers and rockers are design-centric but functional and very comfortable.  The products are purposefully made with softer materials and smooth edges in order to promote safety with play, and will make a great addition in any modern home!

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Iglooplay CraftWork Table Tray Quick View

Iglooplay CraftWork Table Tray


Iglooplay Mod Pad Quick View

Iglooplay Mod Pad

Iglooplay Mod Rocker Quick View

Iglooplay Mod Rocker

Iglooplay Mod Topper Quick View

Iglooplay Mod Topper

Iglooplay CraftWork Table Quick View

Iglooplay CraftWork Table

Iglooplay CraftWork Chair Quick View

Iglooplay CraftWork Chair

Iglooplay Lima Table Quick View

Iglooplay Lima Table

Iglooplay Lima Cushion Quick View

Iglooplay Lima Cushion

Iglooplay Throwing Stones Quick View

Iglooplay Throwing Stones

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